Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scrap Space.. 2010

This is what it took to change my whole Scrap Space upside down and add another counter.. this small machine the Slice!! Funny how that happens. I was finding that the last few weeks my space was getting too small and I felt boxed it, my husband might think differently.

Last Sunday I woke up and he was taking the board from the other side of the fridge down.. this is how I got my first counter. Well I couldn't just let it stand there in the laundry room doing nothing, So yesterday at 2pm I decided to make myself another counter.. haha.. this is what happens when you leave scrap materials down in the basement!! I go all MacGyver!!

This was the first board that I used about a year ago.. and I love having my counter this high, I work better standing up.

Now this is the new counter.. same board ( which is great) I had to find some storage that was the height to support it and haha... I actually had something.. things always seen to happen this way for me.

I have set it up that I have all my die cutter machines and my cutter on one counter, this way I am not pulling things out and putting them away every time. This was one of the main reasons I changed my room around.

I now have all my embellishments right under the counter, easy to get to. I am loving this.

My Stamps and Cricut Cartridges are all beside the counter in that unit.. easy to get to!

On the first counter I have all my stamping inks and markers ready to use and it is not so cluttered anymore.

The computer desk is now in a place where I can actually see what my daughter is up to in her playroom and my back it not turned anymore. She seems to love the new layout of the room now too.

I can't believe it took a good day to organize and I kept it in my room.. Hubby is glad about that.. and it is so much easier to move around and now when my friend Tina comes over we both have our own counter to work at. So Tina , we need to make a date soon !! March Break is next week so Us girls are going to be having some fun time!!
Now to finish off some projects for next week!! I am sure by the end of the weekend it will be all messy!!
Happy Cleaning,


Unknown said...

love it, it looks awesome, and you didnt have to spend a lot of money. Money that can be used for more supplies ;)

Kim :) said...

wow Angie...you have accumulated alot of stuff over the years thats for sure!! Im very jealous with your space its gorgeous!!! happy Scrapping I so have to get my butt and gear and get back into it!!
loves yah
and your new space...wish i was there to scrap with you :(

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Wow! What a gorgeous room, Angie! I'm so jealous too :)
I love my Slice! I always forgot about the poor thing, but I have re-dusted it off and it now sits on my desk right in front of me and ready to go!

Enjoy your counter, room and girly time!
hugs, margie

Pryn said...

This looks AWESOME Ang!!! I about peed my pants when I read the MacGyver comment...too funny!

I love how you have the the die cut center up high...I am still pulling stuff out and putting stuff away. I have been asking for some counters for the last 5 birthdays...I am going to show my hubby your post to see if I can get it started ;) He's tired of tripping on my 'scrap crap'...he thinks he is funny when he says that...grr ;) Enjoy your space Ang...can't wait to see the FANTASTIC creations that you make!!!

Amy said...

Angie it came out AWESOME! I am loving every bit of you work space!!

Bonita Rose said...

gorgeous space Angie..s o jealous!! My studio is getting really cluttered.. don't like it that much these days.. but I hv no room to expand sadly.. Love your space gf.. totally envious here!

Lori said...

I LOVE your room, Angie! You've given me some ideas I could use in mine, although my space is very limited!! I also totally understand the concept of standing while scrapping. I work so much better standing up!

jo said...

OOOOoooh! What a fabulous looking room!!!