Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shabby Chic Flower Tutorial.How to make Flowers Saturday!!

Here is a step by step instructional tutorial on How to make these
Shabby Chic Flowers.. I was taught to make these on Gabrielle Pollacco blog Such a Pretty Mess, this is my version of it.

First this is a card that I made featuring the flower.. if you browse down below I have also made this on a layout.

Sending you a little Happy.

Here are the steps.. I will have written instruction below.

1. cut two different circles, I have cut 2.5 and 1.5 inch circles of card stock.
2. now tear the edges of the circles. you will have both circles with torn edges.
3. make sure you save the torn off piece
4. take a piece of the torn off and crumple it to a small ball. save this ball.
5.tear the circle in 5 slits not , just going to the middle without ripping it fully curl the raw torn edges.. crumple if you need ..just distress it with your fingers.
7. now once both are done.. you need to place a bit of glue on the bigger one. or a glue dot.
8. place the smaller piece on top of the larger piece.
9. cut some twine about 1 inch.. you will need 3 or 4 of these.
10. on the small flower place some glue in the center of the flower, placing the twine pieces on top.
11.a little more glue and add that ball of paper that you saved.
12. using a small flower punch, punch out one flower.

13. here is your small flower
14. glue your flower on a piece of plain card stock , and cut out a circle.
15. Ink the edges of the circle.
16. place the circle in the palm of your hand.
17. in a circular motion with your finger curve the circle.
18. this is what you should have .
19. place more glue on the top of the ball of torn paper.
20. place your circle flower paper on top of it.. and let dry.
21. this is the finished flower.

Change it up

To change up the center of the flower.. just add another flower and with the scraps of torn circles.. just roll them and glue the finished end , I took 2 of the colours and made it alittle different.. and love the results. Wonderful not to have to throw out any of the scraps and what a great flower to just do about anything with, card or layout even a summer paper wreath would be cool.

You can make these in many colours and sizes.. it is a great homemade flower to add to your layouts and cards. hope you try this on your next project.. I am off to make more!!

Have a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend.

Hugs & Smiles


Suzi said...

Well, that seems simple enough. Its on my crafty to-do list for today!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Stephanie Zito said...

Wow! This is incredible Angie! I love your pieced banners and your flower tutorial is wonderful! I'm definitely going to try making one!

Clare said...

Awesome! I am definitely going to have to try this soon! :)

Rona said...

this is gorgeous!! I love shabby and I love flowers - so this is a match made in heaven!!

Maureen Merritt said...

These flowers are gorgeous Angie! I'm definitely going to give them a try!!!

Suzi said...

Ok, I tried this w/limited success. Either I ripped to big around the circle or I started w/too small a circle. When I used a bigger circle, my center turned out too small. It's cute but could look better. Going to try again....

Karen said...

What fabulous flowers Angie! I need to try to make these!! I had not seen these type flowers before, and love-em!

Tanya said...

I love your tutorial!!! I made three of these (and put them on a birthday card). Here is the link:
Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great day!!!