Tuesday, October 5, 2010

French Fries...

French Fries..
some days you just need them. Tonight was our night.. My family doesn't really like the frozen french fries.. and I have tried to make the perfect french fry many times, but it has either been to burnt..or raw in the middle..
well, this is the one recipe that works magic.. you just can't stop eating them they are so delicious...

I start out with a Borner Rotgelb V-slicer.. it makes the perfect cut fry.. you can alway just cut your own. I found mine at a garage sale years ago.. only because I gave my original one to my Uncle in Maryland.. he just loved it.
  • Wash and cut your fries.
  • in a deep pan pour vegetable oil and heat it to a hot temperature.. add your fries in batches.. I cut 5 medium potatoes and got 4 batches..
  • one buy one fry the fries until it is an opaque colour.. about 5 minutes..
  • now take them out of the oil and put in a bowl.. do the same with your other batches...
  • starting with the first batch you need to start re frying them until golden brown..( yes fry them twice).
  • do the same to all the other batch.. and you will have the best tasting french fry ever!!
Honestly.. it is one thing you will eat until it is all gone.. and between just three of us we polished off 5 potatoes!! Yummy
Hope you give this a try!!


Lysa said...

YUM! They look delish!

Susan said...

yup, totally how I do my homemade fries and it's the only way to get them the same as they do in the restaurants. Your pic is making my mouth water...lol!