Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blom Project Life

I have 2 weeks to share.
starting with February 14th.

February 15
sick child home.. high fever

February 16
playing lego after dinner. we all love this.

February 17
hives..hives.. hives.. this is the kids having fun covering them up.. funny.

February 18

this was the beauty of the sun this morning... and a high of + 10 today.. oh wonderful.

February 19
We are washing dishes and shining everything up for the new diningroom unit.

February 20
The boys went downtown for the Car Show. what a view of Toronto.

February 21
Family day.. and a good and lazy one too.. watching movies and having fun.

February 22
Sydney getting flips in the air from daddy early in the morning. she loves this.

February 22
Oh soooo excited to post this on my blog today. I am going to be designing some stamps for Unity Stamp Company.. talk about a dream.. so excited for such a wonderful opportunity.

February 23
Sydney taking photo's of herself. she is really good for a 5 year old.

February 24
Every morning if she is home from school.. some routine.
iCarly, colouring or drawing.. and this will last hours.

February 25
I made these wonderful seam binding ribbons.. happy colour.. love doing this.. another addiction.

February 26
I had the urge to paint something in my art journal.. it is all about Flowers...

and Music!!

February 27
HAhaha.. Multi tasking.. watching TV, facebooking and having a cup of tea.. love these days!

Well another week of FUN, surprises and moments of JOY!!
let's see what next week holds.
Thanks for coming by.


Susan said...

Great shots!! Your art journal is gorgeous♥

dawn said...

Congratulations on being a designer for unity stamps. That's so cool and you should be excited and proud. I know your work will be amazing. These are great pictures for the week. I love the shiny dishes and the Toronto picture is beautiful. Have another fun filled week.

Veronica said...

nice pictures, I love the lego shot. Looks like we live in the same neighbourhood, or close to it anyway. Looking forward to seeing your pictures next week :)

farmhouse-story said...

wtg!!-a huge congrats on your unity designer spot, angie!! that is so exciting! thanks for the peek into your life-great pics:)

Emily Leiphart said...

BEAUTIFUL photos, Angie! Thanks for sharing. I see that gorgeous view of Toronto every day. ;) CONGRATULATIONS on designing stamps for Unity! You go, girl!!