Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Blom ... update.

Honestly I am still doing this project.. I am all up to date with my journaling.. the photo's are in a file in my computer just waiting to go to Costco to be developed.. and they have been piling up since March.. Ha..

So I am going to try blogging this again.. I won't bore you with the millions of photo's I have in my computer.. so here is last week.. let's see how good I get posting everyweek.. haha.. I am laughing at myself.

So here is June 12th - June 19th. 

Sydney's first pool party of the season.. She is at a friends birthday party.. she sat here for 30 minutes and finally got the nerves to actually go in.. Cautious is her middle name.

We are going to get really good at riding her bike this summer..
she is determined to be a pro by Summer's end.

Her BFF coming over after school for a swim and playdate.. she just loves her so much. She will be moving this summer, so Sydney wants to spend lots of time playing with her.

 The Lake.. Chantal my friend , Sydney and I went to play at the lake, beach today.. it was wonderful to sit on the rocks and chat.. Sydney played at the park while we watched her.

 This was a fun day.. Sydney and Roger went to the dentist , myself and Alex went to Chapters and browsed through all  the books.. Cooking books, Mixed Media.. lots of fun.. well until we heard that Sydney was getting a tooth pulled at the dentist.. then the waiting and worrying set in .

Ah.. my poor baby.. she hated and I mean hated getting her tooth pulled.. screamed bloody murder in the dentist office. but we got home and she didn't talk to us for hours.. Finally the next day she wanted to give Roger his Father's Day present she made in school..  too cute.

Father's Day.. we went to visit my Mom and Dad.. had a great time.. love them so much.

Father's Day .. in the afternoon the Titus's came over for dinner and some swimming fun.. lots of laughs, good BBQ.. Summer is here!!

You can see more Project Life.. just click on the Project Life photo below..
thanks for coming by.. let's hope I keep this going.. once I get my photo's developed I will do a week of updates.. till then.. have a great week.. and see you for more photo goodness next week Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday
Hugs~ Angie


Veronica said...

Great pictures and glad to have you back! It must have been terrible for your little one to get her tooth pulled, I probably would have screamed murder too!

dawn said...

So much swimming going on for you this week, isn't nice when summer comes!! Sorry about your daughter having a tooth pulled hope she's doing better. We have the same pool as you do by the way, my kids swim everyday even if it's cool out,lol.
So glad your keeping up on this album, it really will be awesome at the end of the year to look back thru these memories. I set aside time every Sunday and fill in my week, and posting it every week keeps me motivated to keep it updated. Good luck!!

NoraAnne said...

Angie, I love your project life updates :) I am WAY behind on mine! But, I won't stress about it (I won't, I WON'T!!!)
You are a spitting image of your father! Wow, such a resemblance! and your kids are just darling :) Sydney looks to be around my son's age :) So beautiful! It looks like you are all enjoying the start of the summer!

farmhouse-story said...

looks like a great summer so far--well, except for that tooth thing-poor thing:)