Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life.. day one ( Monday)

This week I start my
Week in the Life project.
this is my first time doing it..
but I am thinking it is like the December Daily..
 just only a week instead of a month.

So here is a bit of yesterday.
I stopped taking photo's.. I think by the middle of the day I was PMSing... it happens.

It was my birthday ... and my hubby's . I am two years older.. and believe it or not, not one photo of the two of us. I did try though but gave up. So I am hoping I will get some of us this week.  We watched Gilmore Girls in the morning.. we got rid of cable so we are watching video's. It was a thundering morning and the tv was going in and out.. so most of the morning was quiet. For our birthday the kids were wonderful. Sydney was making me come pages to colour.. and making the ultimate colouring book for me to carry in my purse. I love that she knows me so well at 5. Alex was so wonderful to cook dinner and make his wonderful home made Chocolate cake.. it was rich and wonderful!!  I played my game... ( really I got it for Sydney, but now I am addicted)... on my itouch most of the day.  We went to lunch at Swiss Chalet.. grocery shopping, and had a needed nap before dinner.. I was moody.. and headachy.. mama needed a time out!!  Later Mutti came over and her and Sydney went for a swim.. we had dessert and watched Morning Glory..haha a good laugh to end the night..  Not much but it was my Monday.

I am off to a better start today and hope to capture more photo's.. headache is gone.. so it should be better.
have a good day.


dawn said...

Happy Birthday to you and your hubby. It's not fair to PMS on our birthday's should be a law, haha. How sweet of your kids to make the day special for you. Your little girl colors sooooo well just like her mama does. How awesome that your son can make a cake, the girls will love him for that one day. I'm glad your doing this week too and wish you luck and to have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family {minus the pms!}. Your kids are just gorgeous Ang.

lisa a.