Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SMASHaholics.. Art Tuesday!!

Hello Tuesday..
okay who else is obsessed?? At the beginning of the year I made a smash book.. using a varitey of scrap paper from my stash.. I now keep it for my images.. so I don't put photo's on my blog of it often.. cause it is more top secret until the images come to life..
But , then everywhere I turn I see someone smashing with the smash books from K&Company..
yes... iwant... ilove...ineed (well not really) ... but iwant is more like it!!
So when going to Scrapfest last Saturday I picked these 3 up.. it was a deal!!
I couldn't turn it down.. but now like any other obsession I have I want them ALL.. cause I am
strange like that.. so yes, more are coming my way and also my daughter's way so we can
SMASH together.. I got here the mini to play with.

I am so into making this work for me I even have a little SMACK area in my closet.. where I have all
my supplies in reach.. and can leave it out if I want to. it is high enough that little hands can't reach it.
Because we all know she is just dying too..haha Yes, I talking about you , Sydney!!

So my supplies are small in the SMASH area.. but I am happy to use the 3,000 + stamps I have in my Unity stash.. I can already see making some images for this purpose alone... hoping they will turn into stamps for future use..haha 
 Cause, this girl can't get enough of those either.

Now something from the past.. I am big into re purposing.. like the majority of my scrap room..
well I had these old (80's) pant hangers.. and this is what I am using it for now.. great for holding washi tape and now my dymo tapes.. ( suggestion from someone in the Smash group on facebook)
I love this.. and yes, it is lacking in tapes..

So I am working in my Pretty Pink Smash book for now.. I just started yesterday.. and here is my intro page.. Now this book is all about me.. so I will be using " Me Documented " the Unity SMAK kit in this for sure!! 

This Smash book will be more clean with collage style.. I am going to keep it as flat as possible.. I know wishful thinking here, but, I will try.  This will document my love, my hates, my passion, my like in whole.. up to now.. I am hoping to add some baby photo's of myself.. just need to hunt some down.  It will be fun to go back and look at years from now..
I am also hoping to get my mom to tell some stories of when I was small.. something with her hand writing and my dads as well.. I want to get as many facts as possible.

 I even have my Angie Girl in here.. love her...
so my adventure starts.. hoping I will do some video's in the near future to show you my process.. but for now I am still looking at video's myself..haha.

Now if you want to get all SMASHed Up with me.. go to OH MY CRAFTS!!!
they have some great prices on some smash books..

Well time to go back ... a SMASHING i will go...
hugs to all


Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Love this Angie and love you set up!!!!

JPScraps said...

I haven't tried Smash yet but I am oh so tempted. Love what you've done!

dawn said...

Happy Tuesday Angie, so glad your here today!! I love love your cute pages so far, they are so pretty. Laughing at your iwant ineed ilove these books and will get them ALL!! You crack me up lady!!

My smash book has been sitting on my shelf or maybe in my closet for a loooong time, just don't know how to start it or what to put in it. So it sits!!
Would love to have that smash space in my closet and all those tapes!!
So happy you love your stamps, I love them too!
I've read your past posts and will try to comment later but love everything as always!!
Where is your PL, need to seem some of your awesome album!! I'm here to cheer you on and keep you caught up!!

Claire Smillie said...

Love, love, love your storage for your bits and your washi tape holder....great idea :) Your blog is FULL of some great inspiration, love the box cover and your layout on the posts below...you are so talented.


Anonymous said...

omgosh how funny because i just spotted these the other day and am crazy about this idea! I am always using magazine clippings and pasting them into sketchbooks for ideas. These albums are soooo perfect. I love, love what how yours is looking already. Beautiful work!!

bharsch said...

Great start Angie...mine will be on all the practicing I will do with my copics. First you colour then you smash LOL

Love your washi tape holder. You have more washi than I do.


NoraAnne said...

I love what you've done so far in your Smash book and your little closet area dedicated to your supplies! I have 3 Smash books that are feeling unloved :( Gotta get to it, too many crafts~too little time, but that is a good thing!
I would LOVE it, you heard me, LOVE IT! if you made some Unity stamps that are Smash Book related, that would BE SO FUN!!!!!!