Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello Sunday!! thank you...

Well it has been a bit , so I thought a Sunday blog post was in order..
This coming month ( August),
 I have some new stamps releasing 
Here are some of the Sneak Peeks of what is coming.

You all know Unity Stamp Company has
well in August we are mixing it up
with seasonal stamps..

Halloween... one of my favourite seasons!!
Isn't it the cutest bat ever.. well I think so..
I made this image ,including with the best
sentiment guru joslyn nielson.

some fun Back To School... 
 I made this image and the sentiment is
by Tanis Giesbrecht

then we have some Christmas... and little one stamps
the Frame and Reindeer are my images.. these images with some others will fit into
this cute scallop frame.. I am very excited about that.
the little one clothing is by my sweet friend  Tracey Malnofski

so if you are not a KOM member I would for sure go over and sign up..
you will love this kit.. it has a little bit of everything
 for getting some Holiday cards started..

Now today.. I have this awesome stamp to show you..
it is the Stamp of the Week
just being released today..
you can also become a SOTW member
to get this in your mail box.. with a stamp
to follow every week for only $5.79 a week
this includes shipping.. that is a great deal!!

Capture Life!!

 Here is the card I made using this stamp..

Now seeing that this stamp came out just this week..
 I thought it would be appropriate to share
a photo of me..
 this was taken on July 25th, 2012..
 the day I turned 48..
 I just love to capture life with my family..
but, it is always good to have a photo of yourself to look back on..
 I am grateful for the gifts that I am blessed with
 and the people that allow me to express my talent..
 I think I am living my dream in my late 40's..
 it took a long time to figure it out..
 but, I am so happy to find a place where I belong.
Thanks to all my wonderful, creative, supportive friends and family..
who love my art.. and for cheering me on to make this happen,
I know I say this alot.. but if you don't tell the people who mean so much to you
what you are thinking at that moment , it gets lost and then they never know.
Turning 48 I will be telling you that I love your support.. don't ever think it goes unnoticed..
I appreciate all your appreciation for what I do.  no big head here.. just a big HEART.  
 I hope I can carry this dream on for a long time into my late 60's..
haha.. a goal !!  I am so blessed and count my lucky stars everyday.

thanks for always coming to my blog..
love and hugs,


Noelle Reese said...

MUAH girlfriend you are beautiful!! And I love your art more than you know!! Thank YOU for helping us make our cards and pages so much better!!

Thienly Azim said...

Happy birthday gorgeous! You have inspired me so much with your art! I love working with your designs! You are a beautiful person inside and out, and so happy that we've become friends :)