Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping and a Card.

Hello everyone, it has been a wild weekend here.
 We decided to go camping.. which was good.
But, the evening of Friday the tailgate of the van hit me in the head....
 well let's say we didn't expect
to spend the first night in the hospital for 4 hours.
5 stitches later it is all good. 
 Then the next evening... our gazebo broke, because of the high winds up to 80 miles an hour..
 well let's say by Saturday evening we were booked into the Marriott hotel...
 well we tried... Is Camping for us?? not quite sure.. we are not giving up.
The camp site we had was gorgeous.. beach front, beautiful surroundings.. 
oh and flush toilets and a working shower.. very very clean...
I want to go back.. but maybe in the Summer instead of the Fall.
here are some personal photo's to share with you...
this is what we saw from our tent.. gorgeous!!

a nice couple took this family photo of us.. my kids and my god daughter.

Stitched up head.. ouch.. but healing
was glad they did not have to shave my head.

We had alot of rain and wind.. but that did not stop the ducks from taking walks.

Marriott Hotel.. wow.. this was beautiful.

sillies in the pool. they had so much fun!!
a good dinner at Swiss Chalet.. yummy..

the next day (Sunday) we headed to Fort Henry.. to learn some History..
it was quite fascinating.

the beauty of Kingston Fort Henry.

So that was our weekend.. we took alot of photo's and had alot of fun,
 even though I was injured we made the best of it..
So now for a Card... this is the newest Stamp of the Week.
I just love this Snow Family..
by the talented
Joslyn Nielson

you still have time to get this and lot's more.. just sign up to become
one of Unity's newest SOTW Members
Now for me it is off to the doctor's for a check up.
have an awesome day


Marilyn Nimmo said...

AMAZING photos--WOW. Wish you hadn't gotten hurt, but glad that you were all able to make the best of an almost disastrous weekend.

Emily D. said...

Wow.. interesting trip for sure, huh? Sorry to hear you go hurt.. that looks like it really hurt... I would have been worried about the shaving of the head too!

The photos are so beautiful... and it looks like it all turned out well in the end. :)