Wednesday, February 6, 2013

he{ART} & SOUL... in the works

Well it has been ages that I have posted anything  dealing with my ART.. if you are new to my blog come and sit back to get to know this side of me better.. as I have many sides of me to share.
 I just love to paint.. it is one of the greatest loves in life..
it makes me happy where it counts in my heart.
  I don't know what it is about paints, canvas, stencils and my imagination or inspiration that I find.
It just all seems so calming to me.
 I truly enjoy the process.. and from an impatient person that it a task all in itself. 
Well today  I am showing you a piece I actually just finished moments ago..
it has only taken me 2 days
from the bare bones of my canvas to NOW..
I know it is not a lot of time in between but for me it is
a long process... haha
I found this piece of inspiration on google images under Melody Ross Art.. from the Brave Girls website. I just love the way she embraces life.. the simplicity of it all..
 and when I saw this I totally fell in love with the piece.
 I had to try my hand at making one for myself.. the words just spoke to me. ..
 ( it is totally okay to be inspired by someone elses art... as long as you give the credit to that person) 
 I have a lot of inspiring women and Melody is just one of them.
here is the inspired Art Piece.
Now my process it just playing with my plain canvas to get the background I want.
So starting with a blank white canvas.. I took some Crafters Workshop stencils and textured paste.
No, I did not add any paint colour to this.. just the paste, the stencils and the canvas..
 I randomly just with a old credit card layered my paste over the stencil and started to play..
 here are the canvases I worked on yesterday.
Then after a couple of hours of dry time I added my paint. Right now I am using
Amsterdam Painters Acrylics.  I got these at my local art store.
I stocked up on my favourite Aqua colour.. can never have enough of that one colour. haha.
I worked on 4 different canvases yesterday.. just getting my backgrounds down.
I love this process a lot.
So then to get back to the inspired canvas..
this is what I did today. using a variety of colours for the small flowers..
the shapes are just your basic circles. layering one colour on top of another. to get the look
I wanted..  I just added a variety of colours and dots.
this canvas is 16x12,  the smaller word canvas is 3x5
 which is just stuck on with Helmar Quick Dry glue..

You can see the texture in the background..
it does make a difference to have all that beautiful
texture to look at and feel.
You will also notice a lot of crocheted flowers.. I just love adding
a 3-D element to it.. just gives it my own feel.. and I have made a ton
of these flowers just for my canvas art.  gives it that home spun feeling I
love in my art. Totally an Angie thing..haha

I even added some brads to this...

 you can see all the small details and the colours that totally pops out of this ART piece.

For my out lining of the flowers I used a micron .08 pen..
 this is a nice out line with out it being too harsh.
The stamps for my small canvas are just little wooden stamps I found at my local dollar store..I tend to hoard little wooden letter stamps for this reason.. the ink is Ranger's Archival Black.

So there you have it ,  a little part of me.. just some paints and inspiration and I am good.
well now I need to think of the other 3 canvases still left to be done.. or is it 4...
here is my process of those from last night. waiting for me to finish them off.
hoping to remember to post these when they are finished and ready to be seen.
Now all I need it my son and hubby to hang some of these up . I am in the process
of making an Art gallery wall going up the stairs  in my main living room.  With all
the Art work from all the family. It should look amazing and we will add pieces
in the years to come.
have a wonderful creative day.


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing how you do your art! Love this! need to get me some of that texture paste :)you do such beautiful stuff!

dawn said...

Hi Angie GIRL, I love reading this and you are quite the artist!! What a great art to be inspired by, this turned out beautiful. Those flowers are so awesome and yummy texture too.

How sweet that you are making an art gallery wall, love that idea. Most homes only have the kids art but this is truly a family art wall with yours there too. WAY TO GO ANGIE!!

dawn said...

I forgot to mention, little Sienna made more of your Andie girl. She's made over 8/9 of them now. Everytime she just keeps filling up the page with more details. I love that I can do this simple art with her. THANK YOU!!