Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative Prompts.. Inspiration for my Canvas Inspired Album

I love the inspirational piece that Nicole choose over at Creative Prompts 4U this week. Seeing that I am doing my canvas album.. and I wanted to do A Beach Theme for a page this was just perfect to combine the two. challenge #23

Here is the page in my canvas album

here is the inspiration piece.

Nicole who chose this Internet site Maria Filo as the inspiration piece!!

North Beach

Using some acrylic paints I did my background.. taking all the elements of the inspired photo and putting them on the canvas.. a wonderful backdrop for this photo.. of my son Alex and his long time gal pal Becca.. they have know each other from day one of birth... this was them riding the mini bike and running having a race on the beach this past weekend. I wanted to blend the photo into the canvas .. Using this wonderful Unity Stamp quote that I put on a scrap of canvas cloth and then glued it on . Adding some more Polymer clay clouds.. it is a thin and light embellishment to give the page some texture without taking away from the painting.

I truly love this.. and it is one of my favourite place to go.. it inspires the artist in me..I want to one day just take my canvas and sit and paint .. it is so beautiful... I love the beach and could spend hours and hours there just walking, swimming and of course taking photo's.. This was one weekend that I managed to take 720 photo's.. shocked my husband.. but he should know me better.. I thought I was doing good!! hehe

but enough rambling on..hehe.. I know I can talk forever!!

Make sure you check out the Creative Crew and all the wonderful inspiration they got from this piece.

Happy Thursday.




StampinCathy said...

Angie, This is just gorgeous.

Unknown said...

are you kidding me?!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is seriously the coolest EVER!!!!!! really girl EVER!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, this is fabulous!!!! You are doing incredible things with canvas - and those clouds!!!!

shuggy said...

that is awesome!

Sweetieshop said...

Stunning! Perfect pic to go with the colours and canvas - everything blends together so well :)

Carisa said...

OMGOSH, this is AMAZING - i absolutely love this idea. you are so creative! i love how you totally think outside the box.

laterg8r said...

so incredible - you've got talent :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Ang, this is gorgeous! You are amazing and this is so inspriing.

farmhouse-story said...

just gorgeous!

Debbi Tehrani said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did with the prompt! So, so cool, Angie!

Pryn said...

720 photos? Lol!!! You did do well ;)

This is completely AMAZING!!! You give me so much inspiration on a DAILY basis!!!

Just one small is that canvas cloth now? Tee hee! Roger is going to have to make another trip to Home Depot sooner than he thinks :)