Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspired Canvas Album

I have been eyeing Donna Downey's Blog of Inspiration.. and just absoultley love everything she creates.. She has a some wonderful lessons with videos on her blog of her Inspired Art Album that she is working on.. and every Wednesday or so she posts the newest page for her Inspirational Wednesdays.. I just love that.. I only had one problem.. I didn't have an album to do it in.. and seeing that I am a frugal scrapper.. I decided to make my own.Here is the basic of photo's but I will give instructions on making your own. Using Unity Stamps.. cause if you know me that is all I ever use, cause I just love them!! I am going to make my album with the many stamped images I have collected in the last year.. and It is always nice to stamp on something other than paper... need to make these stamps work for me in more than one way..hehe..

Inspired Canvas Album

This is the cover of my Album.. I just love this quote from the Donna Downey stamp set..Artist in You. I also used one of the leaf vines from that set , the girl is from the "She" set also by DD.

The Polymer Clay pieces I made by just forming the clay and using my cuttlebug embossing folders, I added the textures by lightly pressing on it. love how they turned out.

The back cover.. I painted with all acrylic paints, loving the sun and seeing that my album as not straight and exact in any way or form the pages will sometimes be smaller than others.. so I also painted the tip of the page underneath to finish the back off.. I know strange but that is how I work..

Now let me tell you how I made this album. My Hubby Roger ( love this man!!) bought me a piece of Canvas drop cloth from the local Home Depot.. it is a 5feet x12 feet of cloth.. nice and strong and 100% cotton.. great for alot of project that I want to try.. I cut a long piece of this about 6inches in length and the whole width of the cloth. now just cutting by eye I decided on how large I wanted the book to be.. making sure when it folded in half it was a good size.. mine is 6X10 so folder in half it is 6X5.. all I did was cut the sizes 6x10 and put the all together..

I got (7) 6x10 sheets.. now with my sewing machine I went down the middle of the sheets.. this way you can easily fold it on the stitch.. I added a band of canvas to the middle to make it more secure.. I left the edges of the album raw.. I wanted it to have a natural rough edge.. with frays of material.
Now just grab whatever paints you have on hand.. if not the dollarstore always has great acrylic paints.. if you have mists use them too.. it looks amazing on canvas.. right now all I have is the one colour.. I need to find the tutorial on how to make my own.. I know it was posted somewhere.. I am sure you tube might have a video.. they have everything. Gather your stamps , brushes or sponges. Now just start to create.. there is not any right way to do it.. just do what you want and paint your heart away.. It is all about what inspires you!!

I will also be doing a page every couple of days.. so make sure you check back to see what the other pages have on them.. I have some ideas of what I would like to in my head already..

I hope you will try this too. I think It will be a great project to look back on in a couple of years.. I love to paint and stamp so this is just perfect to blend the two together. Thanks for dropping in!!


{Sarah} said...

Looks awesome Ang, but I'm too intimidated to try it! ;)

Lisa said...

This is freaking fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

ANG!! This is amazing and so inspiring! I can't wait to see what you do on the other pages

Maria said...

OMG Ang this is fabulous!! I am going to try this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ang, you are amazing!!
This is the beez kneeezzzz girl!

Kelly Mahany said...

This is so gorgeous and soooo inspiring Angie!! I love it!!

Ольга Голуб said...

it is very nice and original!

Unknown said...

Yup, you are pretty awesome Angie! Love this, and I will definitely be chiming in to see all your pages!

farmhouse-story said...

i go on vacation, and look all the projects you have gotten done! this is omgosh, so creative, angie:)

Pryn said...

This is STUNNING Ang! Even your signature is a work of art GF!!! I know that you sell your cards from time to time...you need to make some more of these and put them in a frame or make it directly on a wall canvas and sell these! They will go like HOTCAKES!!!