Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Blom Project Life.

I have 2 weeks of photo's to share..

I really thought I would get out to print these off but I don't think that will be happening so my book will have to wait for the photo's.. but my journaling is all up to date , that is the hardest part of doing this Project Life so I am good with that.

January 24
Sydney is at home, sick.. but she still has enough energy to sport her new hat. cuteness x1000

January 25
Making a batch of homemade pop tarts.. Sydney rolling out the dough.. hard work.. but she did a great job.

January 25
Sydney playing with the Wrigley smile app.. haha.. this is just too funny.

January 26
Alex is home before 11 am.. German exam all done. Studying for History and hanging out with Mom the rest of the day.

January 27
Play Doh taco's.. yummy.. she is a wonderful play doh cook.

January 28

Today it was a big clean up day in my scrap space, I also signed up for Christy Tomblinson's She Art class.. I am so excited to start at the end of February and my wonderful scrappy friend Tina came over.. always so much fun chatting and not doing much crafting.. but we have a great time together.

January 29

ahh.. this is fun. playing with Daddy always is.. tonight they decided to make robots with the foam blocks.. this is some good Daddy and Daughter time.

January 30

Alex wanted to buy one of these Bonsai trees.. today he is checking the water level and watering his new plant.. let's hope he has a green thumb and not a brown one like his mother!

January 31

Both kids are home.. Alex is off school, Sydney is having a snow day.
Here they are painting some frames, having a fun time blending colours.

Feburary 1
I had such a craving for some pop tonight, I love pop shoppe and so glad the corner store carries a variety of flavours. So retro good!!

February 2

WOOHOO... Sydney got her first award today at school. Mrs. Acome called us the night before and told us.. it was a total surprise for all the kids getting the HONESTY award for January.
we are so proud of her.. and here we thought she was a trouble maker. hehe

February 3

oh sad.. to be doing my last post for the Ippity Blog. At the end of the month it will be my last time working with these fabulous ladies.. I was so lucky to have 6 months guest designing for Unity/Ippity stamps..

February 4

Today I am crocheting some fun designs for my scrapbooking and card making cards. Hoping to get them in my etsy shop to sell as well.

February 5

Today I spent a couple of hours Skyping with my wonderful far away friend Savannah O'Gwynn
she is one fabulous person, so easy to talk to and we are totally in AWE of each other so we always have something to share.. today we even ate lunch together.. she truly makes my heart happy!! I know I need to do this with alot more people.

February 6

We made these wonderful stuffed chicken bundles. stuffed with stuffing they are so delicious
the kids just love this!
Well I hope to get these photo's printed and in my book really soon.
hope you all have a wonderful day.

hugs til next week


Jessica Diedrich said...

You take just BEAUTIFUL pictures! I really need to fuss around w/ my camera more because I LOVE the way your pics are turning out! SO glad my PL came before it was too late for me to feel caught up LOL! I would LOVE to Skype with you sometime too! xoxo

Brianna Marshall said...

LOVE seeing all your photos angie!GREAT idea,i need to blog more about life :)

dawn said...

Hi Angie,

Such fun and creative pictures of the kids this week. Love the foam block robot idea. How nice for you to have such a great friend and can visit thru skype. Glad your daughter is better this week. We had two snow days here also. Hope the worst of winter is gone and spring will come soon. Have a good week.

Theresa said...

Loving all the photos and journaling Angie! I like that you pick such varied subject matter. Maybe someday I'll be as industrious as you are and do the same type of project! In the meantime, I'll just enjoy yours!

Kelli said...

your daughter is adorable. love the block photo with daddy! and her tacos...so cute. YOUR SCRAP SPACE is great :) and i too love a clean one, I'll have to take a photo of mine to share :) Happy Project Life Tuesday! :)

Veronica said...

Looks like you had a great couple weeks. It's so nice that you get to skype with your friend. Sometimes it's much better than just chatting on the phone!

Gwen said...

Angie, this is so great! Love all the pics of your family. I came here to give YOU an award! Check it out:

farmhouse-story said...

you do such a wonderful job with your pics, angie. we will miss you over at ippity:)