Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Blom

WOW.. I can't believe how I am behind.. but today I am getting my act together and getting organized. So this is some more photo's of our Project Life..

April 18th

I made this fabulous Art Journal using an old hard cover novel.. I love it.

April 19th

Sydney's favourite lunch.. we are sharing and watching a movie

Green noodles she calls these alfredo noodles and sauce. She just loves this.

April 20th..

we have Netflix now.. and it is great .. we are watching

Cat in the Hat on the computer downstairs.

April 21

Silly girl.. wearing a hat to keep her head warm while watching a movie..

April 22

Good Friday.. we are celebrating Easter at Bernie and Guy's

the girls all fashioned wearing 2 different socks for the occasion.

April 22

Yummy fish dinner, great way to celebrate Good Friday.

April 23

Happy Easter..

crazy giggles at the park.

April 23

Easter Basket filled.. 42 eggs

April 24

Making some Home made Hummus.. we are just loving this.

April 27th

School chums.. I love to see that she is making some new friends at school.

April 27th

I helped in the class today.. we were having Scientist in the School.. it was a great time.

April 28th

WOW.. we have blooms.. I am so happy to see these Tulips. Spring is coming.

April 29th

Wedding of Prince William and Kate . Beautiful.

April 29th

To celebrate the wedding, we had a tea party of small sandwiches, cake and lots of tea.

Sydney wore her wedding dress.. special moments.

April 30th

Maxwell is 1 years old.. next time I will read the invite so we don't end up at the wrong house.but it was a great time!

Well I am hoping to get better at this.. time seems to slip away.. thank goodness I take lots of photo's everyday. haha.. better luck for May!!

Have a great day




dawn said...

Hi Angie,
way to go on doing more in your PL. It looks great and I love all the photos. You always have yummy foods. Keep up the good work on your PL.

dawn said...

I forgot to say I also love your picture of the different socks and the royal wedding picture you got. Have a great week.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Sydney is soooooo pretty! Such a beautiful young gal!! LOVE that you are catching up--and you are knocking these memories out SOOOOOO well! I'm inspired! I also love that you are using a pic of the royal wedding--LOL! LOVE it! You are so awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE you:)