Thursday, September 29, 2011

Any GIven Day.. Photography

Today, or should I say just a couple of  hours ago.. Sydney and her school
did the Terry Fox RUN.. I went to the school earlier to pick her up with my camera in hand.
I wanted to capture her last run.
I was happy to see that she was not one of the first in her class sitting down waiting..
She was still on the RUN.. or should I say walk some

 That is her in the coral outfit.  She was partnered up with her friend Isabelle

 A sweet photo of the girls at the end of their 4 laps.. good job girls!!

Here is her class waiting to get a cold drink and  freezes.. a well deserved treat !!

Oh , then I made her walk home.. bad mommy!!
But, she wanted me to take some photo's of her and the Fall trees.

 and her two loose bottom teeth as well.

I just love this time of year.. the leaf foliage is just so breathtakingly beautiful.

That was a fun day of capturing some of her School moments.
 I tend to walk with my camera alot to school.
I am sure some people must think I am crazy.. but I love it!!

Hope you had a great day too.

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Brianna Marshall said...

love her little scrunchy face with her loose teeth!too sweet!