Tuesday, January 11, 2011

he{ART} and Soul.. Creative inspirations

Howdy.. Last night sitting in bed I decided to start a new blog.. and ART blog. As many of you know I just love making pieces of art from canvas and other sources. So with my itouch in hand.. this part is true.. I started my new blog.. see the itouch can do so much. So early this morning I did all the fine tuning on the look and added my first post.. so I would love for you to check it out.. become a follower if you want. Even more I would love for you to experience this new adventure with me.. it isn't going to cost you a thing.. no signing up for classes. I wanted to do something and share my way of making it. Some of the projects will be inspired by others that have done it before me and I will pay mention to them and link up the site. I am not by any means a professional, but I have this creative soul that calls to me.. and I want to share it.

So check me out.. the blog is called

come and learn step by step tutorial on how to make your own ART.. I am putting my heart and soul into every project. I will be trying to make it affordable for anyone to do.. making my own product with video tutorial. I want to share this part of me.. good therapy for all of us.
I also want you to share with me as well.. I am hoping that I can also get some guest designers to share some of their work as well. Let's get CREATIVE together.


Emily Leiphart said...

Angie, this is gorgeous! I love the text on random pieces!

StampinCathy said...

I'm totally speechless! I know that is shocking. This is AWESOME!!!!!