Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life.. tuesday

Well I am going to get my photo's printed every 2 weeks.. so here are my photo's for this week.
I am not sure about you all , but I am having a hard time taking more than one photo a day.. Crazy... just Crazy. Maybe it is that there are so many things I want to capture, but some days I will just have to include more on a photo's in the larger journaling card. Either way I am having fun. I guess there are no rules so I am just going for it.
Here is my week January 10th-16th
January 10
Picking Sydney up from school, this is my shadow.. see I am tall..hehe.. today was a day of alot of walking outside.. soaking up the sun.. it was cold but so beautiful and fresh.

January 11
Today I started a new blog about making ART projects. Sydney and I had a fun filled day making tutorials and projects together.. side by side we created from our
he{ART} and Soul. That is what we are calling this new blog.

that evening Sydney went out to play with daddy in the snow.. she started shoveling the lawn..only because daddy had his new toy out doing the driveway.

January 12
Lunch Love Notes.. when it is Sydney's day to stay for lunch she loves the notes I send with her sandwich. just a reminder of how much she is loved. The teacher tells me she carries it around all afternoon and takes a peek once in awhile..they make her so happy.

January 12th
Silly bands.. it is shaped elastic bands.. she got a ton of them for Christmas and has a special case she puts them in.. not wearing them to school.. but enjoying them when she gets home.

January 13
Roger took this early this morning.. so beautiful and the plane in the sky is just

January 13
Home this morning , Roger brought home the movie Alpha and Omega home for Sydney to watch.. but she requested he give up going to bed this morning to watch it with her.. so, some Daddy and Daughter time was had. The couch will hold 3 people but daddy is way more cozy!

January 13th
Herb Roasted Chicken.. we got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman's Blog.. it was devine.. Alex ate half the bird it was that good.

January 14
Starting today with a healthy breakfast. I saw this recipe posted on my friend Lisa Shaw's blog and had to make some.. I used cranberries,vanillia and a little maple syrup and it was so yummy.. wish I had the toasted Almonds.. got to go get some for next time.

January 15
The snow is here.. the kids are having fun playing outdoors, shoveling the lawn and getting the icicles off the front porch.

January 16th..
Setting up the new exercise equiptment.. wow! talk about parts. but it is going to be a new year of getting healthy and getting in shape.

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Have a great week of Capturing your Everyday Life.



FibreJunky said...

Mine is boring. Very, very boring. And messy. Maybe when/if I can get some help and get things straightened up/unpacked. Until then, it's too depressing to have in photos.
Love looking at yours! That breakfast looks heavenly!

Susan said...

Hi Angie,

So nice to meet you. Those were some great shots.

Yes, it is hard doing daily pictures, it will cause you to get really creative!

Loved that lunch note. Lots of snow where you live!


Unknown said...

Great pictures.

that is precious about the lunch notes and now a tangible reminder in a scrapbook for years to come.

I take several pictures a day and try to find the best one for the day for my PL...or ...I make a photo collage ;)

Veronica said...

Looks like you had a busy week! thanks for taking a peak on my blog. I especially like the picture of the shadow. Looking forward to seeing the weeks to come.

Amy said...

I love this project and hopefully will be able to do something like it one day! Mo is doing it too! Great photos of everyday life...I love that whole idea of capturing what is important to YOU, not just the major events!! Have fun with it hun!

dawn said...

Hi Angie,

You have great pictures this week. The lunch note one is so sweet and would make any mom's day. I love all the snow photos, looks like where we live also. That is a beautiful sunrise picture. I read your December Daily every couple days in December and really love your scrap style so I'm going to be checking in more often. Love what I see in the previous posts. How cool to start an art blog, that is my ONE LITTLE WORD with Ali, would love to see what you create. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It is hard some days getting just one but you can add more or make a layout with the rest, the end result is so worth it. Have a good week.

Kelli said...

I love that shadow pic, what a fab idea :) and I send notes to my kiddos too...I'll have to start drawing too, they'll get a kick out of that ;)

Stephanie said...

Fun pictures - love the oatmeal one! Now I'm hungry. : ) Thanks for coming by my blog today!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

MMM--that oatmeal looks fab! I love that you got some new exercise equipment--I need to start using mine more! I give you permission to harass me daily to make sure I am using it! LOL!

Emily Leiphart said...

I love these photos, Angie! The little note on the sandwich is great and the chicken sure looks good!

farmhouse-story said...

love the pics, angie. the story about sydney's lunch notes--priceless:)

StampinCathy said...

I just love your pictures! You have so many talents.