Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Adventures.. Captured in Photo's.

New Year Resolutions..
Have you made any??
I have made a few.. simple ones that I know I can keep.
Why stress , and make ones you can't.. right?
This year I am getting back to FAMILY!!
Last year I had way too many things on my plate, too many projects to get done
and the family suffered... well this year it is time to change this.
1. I am only Guest Designing for one company.. and I love it!!
would love to stay on.. and putting it out in the Universe just in case.
2. I am going to pick up a book and actually read it.. It has been just before Sydney was born that I have actually read something, now that she is in school I have no excuses.
3. I am going to dance my pant off.. honestly it is fun , I love it and I will be determined to lose some giggle in the middle... you know what I mean..
4. I am going to cut down of spending.. oh this one is a hard one.. but I have no money so it should be easy..hehe..
5. and the most important one.. I am going to have ADVENTURES.. lots and lots of adventures
I want this year to be about getting out of this house and doing things..
Small and meaningful events that will make the memories of our small family become BIG!!
So these are my resolutions for 2011..
I think I can do it!!
No, I know I can do it!!
So this was yesterday.. and our ...

we live right across from a park and large field....
so today we are having some fun just across the street... yippee!!

Yes , we played Soccer. why not? It was fun running around ( I felt it later that night).
We got our snow gear on and had a great time. Sydney was so happy to play soccer.

We made snow angels....

I even got down and made one too.. haven't done that in years!!

A true artist will also make snowmen in the snow... so we got sticks and drew ourselves some snowmen.. this was so much FUN!!

Then we both got down on hands and knees and rolled large snowballs..I am sure the cars driving by were thinking look at those two strange people.. rolling around in the park.. but we were having way too much fun, can't you tell ?!!

We took these snowballs back to the house.. and built us our very own
FRO-MAN... yes.. a snow man with a big AFRO.. haha

Sydney and FRO-MAN

now look at that pout of concentration.. all worth the effort.

So this was one of the many Adventures in store for this year. I am going to appreciate these little moments.. I will capture them .. and enjoy this time with my Family...
in the words of my five year old....
Adventures .. check
she is the best list checker I know!!

Happy Days


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOOOOOOVE your NY resolutions! I might be making some of mine the same:) I like to wait until the middle of Jan to make mine...although I'm starting to think about them now:) Super cute pics!! BRRRR!

Brianna Marshall said...

good luck on your resolutions girl,i too need to do more adventures with the kids,once its not soo cold and before the new babay comes!MUAH

farmhouse-story said...

LOVE these pics! this is so fun--love the angels and snowmen:)