Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 365... 2012

Hello and Welcome Monday,
I have wanted to do this post since yesterday..
 but family life gets the best of you, as it should!!
 So this year I am doing Project 365..
I did this last year and found by the summer I was not getting as caught up as I wanted too.
I am lucky that I had a file in my photo's that I would go
once a month and add photo's with dates too.
This helped me alot.. seeing that last Friday I finally got to Costo to get over 240 photo's developed.
They are all added to my 2011 album.. now I will just spend the rest of the month journaling!!
I am hoping to have it all done, by latest end of February!!
I need to set a goal for this one!!

This year I thought I wouldn't even attempt it. I totally forgot to get an album , not even checking
that Becky Higgins had any on sale Black Friday!! So it was not something that was on my mind.
Then January came.. and Face book was filled with "who is doing 365"... yes I caved in, because
it was all so tempting.. but still I had no album to work with.
For us to get this album in Canada it is expensive.. and being a single income family
it was not on a must have basis.. so I went hunting and thought I must have something in my
stash that would do the trick!!
so I found this...

it is an 11x13 album..
it carries 4x6 photo's vertically
for me this is good because I take most of my photo's this way.
it gives me more than 52 weeks of photo's... yippee

the cover of the album was black and gold so I covered the front with some papers
from Nikki Sivils ( Get well collection)
the numbers on the side are from Jillibean soup.
Adhering it all with 450 Quick Dry glue by Helmar!!

here is my inside intro page.. just a photo of myself and Roger and the kids below.
for this album I am using all my paper stash.. so you will see a mix of companies.

So here is how I am going to do my pages... I am starting with January 1st.. and doing the 7 days.. now this leaves me with one 4x6 pocker that I can decorate.. or do some journaling about what happened this week.. I am not going to journal every day.. some of the photo's will explain itself.. I am hoping by doing it paragraph style I can get my words down..
 like I am having a conversation with someone.
I am calling this.. "a week in photo's'.. where I will tell the story of that week, instead of everyday.
I need to make this part easier on myself and get it done weekly.

below are my first 3 weeks of January..

So this is my plan.. will it work?? who knows.. but I am willing to give it a try and see how far it takes me..  I am already liking the simplicity of it all.. adding some stickers, stamps, paper and decorative items here and there. 
Are you doing Project Life??... How are you doing it??
I am thinking I might want to add some of the elements from the Clementine series..
so I will be doing some Hybrid going to Jessica Sprague .com to get some digis.
I will be back next week with more

Project Life...

have a great day


Jennifer said...

oh Ang, I am sooo inspired : ) I love your work,ideas and tips so much! Thanks for encouraging me in so many ways! More than you even know!

laterg8r said...

fantastic idea to make your own - it looks divine :D

good luck journalling for all those photos :D

dawn said...

I love love that your making it work for you and sticking with it. This will be my fourth year and each year just gets better for me.

I love all your extra touches and that your including your TUESDAY SKETCHES, maybe I will do that too. Keep up the good work and good luck catching up on PL 2011. Wish I could be there and help you.

Thanks so much for doing Sketches on Tuesday, it's the highlight of my day.