Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sketch Art Tuesday.. on a Wednesday!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay.. but it was such a busy Tuesday
I was busy doing a video for Unity TV.. that I will post on Friday.. and life happens.
So I am doing Sketch Art Tuesday on a Wednesday!!.
I thought I would do this after the kids were asleep.. but then..haha I fell asleep.. and
was wide awake at 3:30 am.. figures!!

So here I was painting and doing my post..

Today I am going the opposite way.. and doing a art journaling page.
I usally do it this way.. where I start with a blank canvas ( or page)
paint and then sketch!

Today it is all about Poppies..
I just love Poppies!!

My most favourite colour is turquoise ( aqua) , any shade of this blue!!
I start by covering my page with this colour.. this is a shiny paint so you will see
some shine to it!!

 then with some green acrylic paint I put down some lines... not perfect lines!!

Now comes the red.. just wavy circles.. and some wonky small oval shapes..

I do this in three layers.. drying with my heat gun the first 2 times and letting it dry naturally the third... you will see if you use the heat gun you will get some bubbly parts.. I like those parts give it texture!

This is it dry!

Now the fun part of sketching my poppies.. I just go with the flow of the paint.. adding some layers to the petals so it doesn't look flat!

for the insides of the flowers. I used my Faber Castell Big Brush artist pen in black to fill in the centers.. this drys quick !

here is a different angle of my piece.. I added some white gelato Faber Castell to the background.. so the texture of the paint stood out more.. this is the effect of the heat gun.. nothing else.. love that!

the added white is actually a Martha Stewart opaque marker.. it goes on like paint.. and it gave me the perfect with dotted accents.
here is the finished Art Journaling page..
I wanted it simple.. just like my life..
the life I love.. thanks to my hubby!!

So try sketching this way in your Art journal..
 put the paint down first..
keep it simple ,
 use all your favourite colours..
 and see where it takes you

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


lisa arana said...

So very pretty ang. I love seeing the process. Some day I will be brave enough to art journal.

dawn said...

Angie so glad you posted today, I missed you yesterday but loved your PL post so that was good.

Funny thing is I just started a art journal page similar to this one, we were thinking the same thing, yea!!

Right now aqua is my color to and been mixing it up with purple.

This is simple yet so elegant and pretty by you. They seem so real to me.

Lesson learned today, the heat gun makes those marks, I've never known that. Now I need a heat gun, love the effect it has on the paint.

Thank you Angie for inspiring me again this week.

See you next Tues? or anyday!!

Pryn said...

Love the step by step photos! I do not have artistic abilites, but you break it down so well that it makes me want to try anyway :D Looking at these poppies makes me smile giant!!! TFS!!!

Love and Hugs to you Sistah <3

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty!! Love the Poppy's and the blue background!!