Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sketch Art Tuesday..

I was thinking this year is the year for everyone to see more of my art.. and I also want to share how you can take my art to the next level and create beautiful cards, and projects using my images..
Now I know this process will take awhile to complete..
but with faith in myself.. I know I can accomplish it..
 my goals for 2012 will be getting some images for you to create with..
I just hope you are going to like going digital...

 I am having these thoughts that pop in my head (mostly late at night)
 that I want more.. and for me to get this I have
to take the chance on myself to make it happen..
so this is the starting point.. ART..
Sketch ART to be exact..
  I love to draw, doodle and have fun with  pencils and paper..
sometimes it is just not good, I have to admit that to myself.. we are all not perfect..
but that does not mean I will give up trying .. so enters, baby steps if you will..
I need to find my art.. the art that makes me happy happy happy...
 I think most of you know what I mean.
 So starting this Tuesday (today),
 I am doing a Sketch Art Tuesday Post..
I am hoping to do this every Tuesday on my blog and along the
 way have some of my wonderful friends join in the fun with the images I create.

So today is the first project of  the month ..
I want to do themes.. and this months theme is
 I just love to draw flowers..
some are well know and some I just made up in my head.. haha
I have an imagination for make believe.. why not .. it is ART still!!

so here goes..  time to take a leap of faith.

here is my  process..

I start by drawing my image on  paper.. this could be computer paper, card stock.. but today I am drawing on water colour paper.. ( you can pick this up in the art section at walmart)

Then using the Faber Castell black XS tip artist pitt pen I sketch over the image adding some depth to my image.. with little stroke marks.

 I wanted to use some of my Pan Pastels today.. so I got a selection of colours out and
started blending the shades of yellows, greens, blues, and white .
 This is a fun way to colour images.

here you can see the colours blended in.. I also added a touch of red..

 a little close up of my flower .. just a simple sketch drawing.. simple colouring.

Now it is finished.. but even if I still wanted to journal, or add more colour I can take it to the next step.. I love the texture of the water colouring paper.. it gives the image soft details..

So here is the end product.. some little whimsy touches.. and some journaling.
I don't have the greatest hand writing ,
but I want my kids to cherish these pieces when they get older.
. a keepsake from me..

the journaling reads..
"I believe we are put on this earth
with a special gift, something that makes us
stand out and shine in our own light..
i believe, this is my gift."

I hope you come by every Tuesday..
 next week I have my friend Lisa Arana joining me.
 We will both be creating something using another one of my Sketch Art Images..
 all new never seen before .. 
and it will also be a free digi for you all..
so make sure you come by to see me..
after a week  the digi can be purchased at my new digi store located on my blog tabs above ..

I am hoping you will leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.. it is a lesson for me to put my images out there , I want to improve, find my style.. I am hoping by doing these themes and sharing my art you will get used to seeing what I can create..

I will show you different ways to use my digital sketch art.
It will be different ways to create cards, water colouring ART, scrapbooking,
it will be lots of fun for 2012...
 so leave some love or not.. I like honesty..
share your thoughts on how I can improve.. and what you might want to see.. I love suggestions.
 and come back next week.. you are going to love the next flower image..

feel free to follow my blog, so you don't miss anything .

thanks for coming by.

products used
Pan Pastels
No. 2 pencil
Faber Castell xs fine artist pitt pen
watercolouring paper


Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

This is so pretty, Angie! I have been dying to get my hands on some of these paints! You are so very talented! I look forward to seeing more of your art :)
TFS! Happy Tuesaday!
hugs, margie

Angelica - Market Street Stamps said...

ANGIE!!! This is just BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you took this leap of faith because I can tell you that you are cultivating such a wonderful gift. Looking forward to your sketch art posts and having just purchased some Pan Pastels myself, I will be coming here often for inspiration. <3

Unknown said...

I'll be here every Tuesday Angie

Jennifer said...


crazyaboutcricut said...

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the leap and sharing. These are beautiful, and I can't wait to see what else you have to share/teach us :)

dawn said...

Angie, Tuesday's will be my new favorite day now!! Thank you for taking this leap and sharing it with us. I've loved your art for a long time and wanted you to share more of it and your process of creating. So this is extra awesome for me!!

The sketch is beautiful and the sentiments uses my OLW for this year. BELIEVE!! So I believe this is my new inspiration for 2012!!

Can't wait till next week for more.

Kim :) said...

wow Angie!!! Once again you have blown me away...absolutely breathtaking....I will definately be by every Tuesday for some Inspiration!!! all your art and creations make me smile ...great way to start my day..thank you so much my bestie...love ya <3 hugs

Lisa Harman said...

gorgeous.. simply stunning way or expressing your art.. love it and will be back..xx

Unknown said...

just beautiful Angie!!

Karen said...

This is so amazing and so gorgeous Angie!!! I love those flowers, the quote, and your handwriting..WOW!!

Hugs & Happy New Year!

lisa arana said...

This is just too beautiful girl! I love how you showed your process. Tuesdays are going to be the best ever! xx

farmhouse-story said...

you are just amazing! i love this, angie!

Joni M said...

WOW! I LOVE This! I'm going to be stalking every Tuesday!

Pryn said...
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Pryn said...

Hey....I didn't even realize last week that I missed the first week :( I am so sorry! This is absolutely BREATHTAKING, Ang!!! You excel in EVERYTHING you do Sistah!!! I am so proud of you :)

Will you be adding a 'follow by email' link? You know...for people like me, who forget where they lie half the time ;)