Monday, August 1, 2011

Week in the Life .. ( friday)

Welcome Friday..
 we had a fun day for the kids planned.
We spent the night at My Mother in Laws house.. we call her Mutti (mother in German)
the kids seemed to have a good sleep and are ready for the day to start.

 this is how I found them in the morning playing cooking mama on the DSi..

 this is me eating breakfast and flipping through the newest Mini Albums magazine.

the kids are in the van ready to get this day on the go.. we are heading to Campbell ford Ontario.

 I just love seeing all the farmhouses.. one day I would love to just go around Ontario and take photo's of Farmhouses.. I just love them.

 we are in Campbell ford.. but can't get to the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.
Roger is asking the local Fireman for directions.

 we finally got there through the Ferris Provincial Park.. Both Roger and Emily are afraid of heights.. so they are both holding each others hands and taking a leap to conquer their fear.

it is such a gorgeous sight. but high!!

we take a walk back down the trail.. love looking at nature's best.


now heading back to get to the cottage..
 we took the kids for ice cream and took the wrong way home... haha.. an adventure began.

The beauty of the country side.. and we eventually found our way back to Mutti's house and then to the cottage.. thank goodness!!
The first thing after unpacking was to make dinner. Spaghetti and Meatballs.. I was happy that I made this on Thursday Morning so I just had to heat the sauce up.
The boys put the tent up in record time.. now we are just waiting on our Friends to show up.
I am sure they were stuck in Friday traffic.

My Nephew's showed up and we invited them to pitch their tent and sleep over.. good thing they only live 10 minutes away.. so they rode their bikes back with their tent and supplies.
Christine, Mark and Becca showed up.. all was great.. perfect night..

I headed to my MIL's house and slept there the first night.. Everyone wanted to sleep in the tent.. so I went to sleep in a bed.. hehe.
busy and adventurous day.. it was wonderful.


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dawn said...

what beautiful pictures and a awesome huge tent. I would rather sleep in a bed too instead of the hard ground. Glad your getting some family time in this week.