Monday, August 1, 2011

Week in the Life .. ( thursday)

I am alittle posting but we were computerless as of Thursday . I did manage to take alot of photo's.
We were on our Cottage adventure.. it all started around 4pm.

Thursday Morning I was on my computer.. haha.. facebooking ( addiction).. and managed to get my itouch set up for the ride.. but for somereason cleared every song in my music file.. bummer!!

 Avery, Emily and the kids are ready and packed in the van for the drive to Mutti's house. We are spending the night there.

 we got there, and made dinner.. breaded chicken, perogies and corn.. yummy!!

 out in Mutti's garden.. beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere.

 Sydney is so happy to have Emily for the next couple of days..

 that evening we headed to the boat launch and tood the kids fishing.

 Sydney is so good with her fishingrod.. a professional at casting that big rod.

the kids all with their fishing rods.. trying to catch anything but seaweed.

 Alex fishing.. I just love the sky and water at this time of night.

Aurora and Andreas came over later.. and the kids played some GO FISH together.
It was nice to see Aurora again, she is visiting her dad from Calgary.

I have a ton more photo's but these told the story of our day.

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