Monday, August 1, 2011

Week in the Life .. (saturday)

Beach Day.. Saturday!!
today we head on over to the beach.. North Beach.. we are all excited to get in that lake water and have some fun .. My brother , his wife and two kids are meeting us there for the day, and coming back to spend the night at the cottage. FUN..

 here are the girls taking photo's of each other early in the morning..

 we are in the van ready to go.. beach here we come..

 Emily was the first to pick up a stick and write North Beach in the sand..
girl after my own heart..

 here is my friend Mark holding my niece.. Charlie..( short for Charlize)

 Roger and Christine
 My brother and his son getting in the cold..water.. but once in it was amazing.
 My sister in law and nephew.. playing in the sand with Sydney.

 Me and my Beautiful friend Christine.. so good to have long lasting friendships..
 we are going on over 20 years now..

 the kids having a great time in the sand.

 Alex and his little cute cousin.. I love this photo.
 these two young adults.. have been together since birth.. you have to love that..I know I do.

On our way home from dinner at Mutti's
it was a nice and tiring day..
time for a good nights sleep!!


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farmhouse-story said...

looks like a wonderful trip--great pics, angie:)