Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Tuesday.. for the Craft Area..

This past weekend, my hubby made me something I have been dreaming of
for quite some time.. A craft table..
this is him and Alex outside cutting all the wood and building my table..

here is the first look at what it will look like..

we finished building it all on Sunday.

  by the end of Sunday night it was painted, varnished and ready for my morning where I set it all up.

Here is it from looking into my room.. I am in love with it.. Thanks to my uber wonderful crafty handymen.. Roger and Alex.

did I also tell you he treated me to the new iPad...
i am feeling spoiled by him.. grateful for everything he does for me..

I also got a fun new app called adobe idea's thanks to Claudine Hellmuth for telling me the name.. and even thought this is not a greatly sketched image.. I think it is fun..

 Hope you have a wonderful day


dawn said...

WOW Angie, it's beautiful!! He did an amazing job on it, what a sweetie he is.

So when will he have my table ready for me!! I hope soon and you will have to come deliver it to my house and of course we will have to paint, scrap, project-life, snack, laugh, stamp and stay up all night. SO WHEN IS HE COMING!!
I reallllly want one just like it.

Maybe my sweet hubby will make one for me, well he would if he had the right tools.

Enjoy it Angie and that new toy he got you. It's nice to be spoiled but your a sweetie to him also.


Lisa Arana said...

now i really want to come over and play. you have plenty of room for me, right? I'll even sleep under the table and i don't eat too much. :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY! Ang--this is AMAZING! I love the pic of Roger and the kids...LOOOOOOOOOOOVE how crafty he is! Your table looks big enough for me to come stay with you and craft for a week! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Hope you are doing well!! I will catch you on skype when I get back from our trip this weekend:) Can't wait! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

NoraAnne said...

What an amazing table! SO MUCH CRAFTY SPACE! Enjoy it :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, it's gorgeous, Angie! I love that it's so big. You are indeed lucky to have such a handy hubby and son!!

farmhouse-story said...

it awesome, angie! your husband and alex did a fab job and i love the blue paint and rollers! enjoy your ipad--i'm off to find that app-tfs:)