Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scraproom ReDo 2012 !!

See this is what happens when we are all sick.. from the middle of last month we have all
been battling a cold of some kind.. this time around it was Roger's turn.. and for most of last
week he was out.. but yesterday.. we had a burst of energy..
so what do you do with all that energy saved up??
We clean.. and organize, and declutter!!
We decided to clean my scraproom.. Holy Moly do I ever have alot of stuff..
I was opening my mouth , gasping in shock at what came out of this room..
I really need to start using my stash and stop buying!! especially paper!!

So let's begin the tour of my newest scrap space.
All my furniture is re purposed.. taking something old and making something useful out of it.
The new part is this dresser we found at goodwill for $40.00.. 7 drawers.. and Roger but up posts so
I can have some under the table storage as well.. it houses my canvas and cards.

My Handyman.. he truly takes care of my needs.. love him!!

I have room for all my punches..and more haha!!

peg boards.. for my  helmar glue, stamps, etc..

I love this.. these are some wire baskets I had sitting on the counter taking up room..
 now I have them hooked to the peg board.

 yes, I really like this!!

Now my cupboard.. this item was from my old house.. and turned into a place for my papers..
I use to have a rack in here that would hold my papers.. it took up so much room..
 so  Roger put in 3 more shelves!!

Storage for bins of ribbon, stamps, altered items, and my cuttlebug, cricut, xyron.. and that
extra space for my grand calibur.. which is coming soon..

the other side holds my papers, scrapbooks..

This side has changed.. I got rid of my desk.. it was taking up so much room.. and I also wanted
a station for video taping on my counter. so now I have the computer and the camera in the perfect place.. very functional.. I also take my photo's here.. that is what the canvas is for ..

On the side.. I have my filing cabinet that houses stickers for Sydney, papers, and my printer.. the top
has all the different papers I need for my printer and my sketch books.

love how it all turned out.. now I have lots of room..
Now the space beyond.. Roger and Alex are building me and Syd a work table
it will be 6 feet long with shelving at the bottom for storage. it will eventually go in
the room below.. this way we have a work area for all to come over and have fun.
Hoping to show you picks of that in the next 2 weeks.. we just need to go find some 4x4's.

what is used to look like.. check out my Scraproom from 2011

So happy Sunday..
 we are still sick, but the room is looking great..
10 large garbage bags, tons of furniture gone.. one major trip to the dump..  
 we are still  decluttering some more.. it is never ending!!
Now to go back to doing laundry.. haha



dawn said...

Hi Angie, WOW WOW WOW I want to come play in your scraproom, love all the organization you've done. So much to see and play with. How sweet is that hubby to help you do all this, he can come do my room also, lol

Sorry your still sick, feel better soon!!

Claire Smillie said...

Angie I am green with envy!!! Your room is :) I'd do anything to have a room like this. You have so much I'd like to play with!