Thursday, March 1, 2012

HIP HOP.. SMAK down... TRUE story...

Happy Thursday Everyone..
Hip Hop here I am..
  using the March SMAK kit of the month!!

 I love this kit.. for many reasons.
you have so many wonderful Mixed Media textures in this kit..
and the heart.. is one I did.. but the overall kit is a must have!!

I also have a little personal story to tell
with my Layout for today..

I wanted to use this kit on a Scrapbooking layout.. and one of the sentiments
when read out loud I thought of these two wonderful people.

"Some people we never forget because, our lives have been forever changed by them"  

Well since the very beginning of my stamping journey, it  all started with Unity..
 the friendly banter of  HIP HOP and all the wonderful peeps chatting every Thursday..
 for a stay at home mom.. it was a great way to keep friends in my kitchen
 telling stories all day long.. it was the best part of my day, every Thursday
 ..oh not to mention the giveaways.. they are the most generous people I know!!

Best days ever!!  HIP HOP!!

Then came an actual chance to guest design for Ippity by Unity..
 well, I was so blessed to be a part of that team.. I hold these girls close to my heart..  it was fate..
 Then  came the day I needed to leave, but got to stay on an extra 3 months
I am thinking it must have been fate again.. blowing me a kiss!!
 .. Finally after 6 months my time a guest designer was up, I was sad.. no joking ..
but then, one Saturday Morning I got an email from Angela
my hubby woke me up and told me to check my mail!!
I had to shake my head a couple of times...  But, it was from Angela..
 asking if I would like to stay on full time with Unity....
well I nearly jumped out of my bed..  hit the floor with delight
I was so thankful for the opportunity, cause I LOVE unity.... yes, that much!!.

 Shortly after that I sent in some image designs to Angela just for her opinion ..
I had a dream one night and starting drawing .. and I actually liked with I drew!! 
Well ,again  she asked if I would like to be a Unity Artista on the trial basis..
that  was a year ago.. I have loved every minute of my time.. and someone will have
to physically take Unity away from me.. cause I am never leaving.. haha
I feel truly blessed to be a part of UNITY, to get to know the people behind the company,
 the designers and the wondeful caring staff in Spicer MI !!
I so admire them all,
 but, knew deep down that it would be
 more than just a crush on a stamp company... !!  

Angela and Christian ..
 they have made my dreams come true..
I will never, ever forget how much they have changed me creatively and as a person.

So , this is how this layout came to life..
and I wanted to document it..

I love these two... and the kick in the butt is ..
I have never met them.. but, they mean so much to me.
I think my daughter thinks they are an Aunt and Uncle that live far away..
because they are a part of our daily lives.

So.. haha there goes my  personal story for you.. haha.. a TRUE story.. like the
SMAK kit of the month title.. haha.. I just saw that!!
see this is FATE. 
 yes ,I laugh at myself all the time!!  having that moment right now!!

So if you have not gotten the SMAK kit of the month.. I am thinking this is a good month
to become a member.. the possibilities will be endless with this kit..

Also we are leaping back in time.. some of the Unity Kits are on sale..
go now.. check them out.. and the story being Leap back in time with Unity is all
here.. on the Unity blog.. check it out.. it was yesterday's post by Angela..
we also have hooked up with Vintage Glam.. so make sure you check out all the details!!
So glad to see Eryn.. love that girl so much too.

Hip Hop Thrusday also starts on the blog and continues through out the Design Team members..
so it is the wonderful and amazing Christi Snow next..

using March smak kit,
 helmar Zapdots, acid free glue,
fabscrap embellishment,
 Avery mini shipping tags,
 inks, martha stewart punch.

have a great day


Gwen said...

Great post, Angie, and your layout is awesome. LOVE that heart! Cyber/stamping friends make life RICHER!!

Brianna Marshall said...

what a great layout Angie,and I am soo glad that you are going through this amazing journey!you deserve it!what a great story!!

Dawnll said...

Yes it is amazing how things happen just when they are suppose to isn't it?
Wonderful story , layout and kit sweetie

Rona said...

Love your story and it IS WONDERFUL that the dreams of such a sweet, deserving and CRAZY TALENTED woman like you DO come true!! BIG HUGS!!!

Unity Stamp Company said...

my heart is all a flutter and there are tears in my eyes. this has more value to me than you could possibly know - to think that i played a part in the positive change of someones life makes me GIDDY HAPPY - because that is MY DREAM - always has been - so you have MADE MINE come true as well. THANK YOU, Angie for sharing YOUR TALENTS and determination with US. we are so blessed to have you. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Layout!! Love your story. You are very deserving! You are so talented and creative.....

Maria said...

LOVE this layout! Your story is fabulous! Unity does rock and the peeps Angela and the "inside" crew as well as the entire DT all are awesome! AND it's I think because of UNITY I got to know you my dear! SO thanks Unity! :-)

Amy Martin said...

I love your layout. It really shows your talent. Love your story too. Im so happy for you, you are very deserving of what has come into your life.

Purple Princess said...

Beautiful layout Angie!! love your wonderful story!!

Mary Friederichsen said...

Beautiful layout Angie! And a Beautiful post! And I bet they feel the same way about you as well! They really have touched so many,I know this company has touched me as well.

Blessings and Hugs,

Lisa H. said...

LOVE this! what a great story and a beautiful layout.

mlady012 said...

Great story & great layout...I love the SMAK kits I haven't put one of them away yet I keep using 1 or 2 of the stamps for something...

Linda said...

This great stuff angela I love your prjects.

sharon g said...

What a great story! And a wonderful layout!

Natasha G.P. said...

I really like the postage stamps, and like how you used black. Thanks for the story, too.

B. Poteraj said...

This is so cool. The whole thing is cool.

Jessica Buffa said...

Angie, this is a phenomenal layout and story. Unity has a way with people. It reaches into the inner depths of our creative minds and souls. It is truly like no other company I have ever come to know. SHOUT IT...I LOVE UNITY! Cause, we are all shouting with you!!!

Lisa Arana said...

Aw, sweet Angie. I remember when we were lucky to have you join us! I feel the same, someone is going to have to physically take Unity away from me!!!! Such a beautiful layout. Hugs girlie.

dawn said...

How sweet this is Angie, love the layout and this story. You are blessed to have found such wonderful people that believe in you and work with you. I keep telling you that you have a gift and need to keep sharing it with others. I soooo love your art.

These stamps are the cutest things!! LOVE THEM!

veronica said...

very cool layout!