Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Art Tuesday.. pretty WILD!!

Hello, it has been a long time since I did a post.. due to being sick on and off for a month..
I am happy to say I am a little better.
 I joined the ART of Wild Abandonment. An online class from the teachings
of Junelle Jacobson and Christy Tomlinson.. I am so excited that this class has started.
the first thing I did was make some books.. using sketch Art paper and Watercolour paper.. I eventually will make one using Acrylic paper as well.. The sketch Art one I am sure to be
using alot..so I have a ton of pages in there.

once I am finished I will decorate the cover.. for now I am going to leave it just plain.

So looking at all the instructional videos late last night
I came up with 3 sketches and 6 mini sketches..
Here they are..

now using some watercolours.. I have a pallet of blocks and pencils.. I think I am gearing more towards the pencils.. well for at least more of the images.

Here is my colouring.. It is harder to work on the sketch paper , so today I am going to do some on watercolour paper to see the difference.

I think you can still sign up for this class.. so if you want to join me that would be so much fun..

Have a great Tuesday


Cristina said...

I love those bright colors!! So cute! I haven't started coloring yet, but I am itching to start! :)

dawn said...

I love these Angie, you are great at sketching and drawing. Love the one with the scarf,how cute. The colors came out great and looks so real. Glad your enjoying the class.