Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Stamp Design Page... have you seen them. ??

Hi Everyone, just wanted for you to check out my  Stamp Design Page..
If you don't know already I am a stamp Designer ( Artista) for Unity Stamp Company.
The owners Angela and Christian Magnuson are wonderful .
 I just love how personal and
super supportive they are.
 I have been designing for just over a year for them..
 My first stamp came out July of 2011.. even though in 2011, I only had 4 stamps released I was still in high spirits that one day I would get more released.
Sometimes you need to wait for all to fall into place.
 In 2012 I was very excited that Unity Released closer to 200 individual stamps.
( this includes images and sentiments. )
Within that time I think I have grown in my style, I have practiced to be the best
I can be.. I am more of a free hand artist so you might not see too many straight
lines.. but they are me.. MY BABIES each and every one of them.
I hope all the Unity fans out there really like them .
So now it is 2013.. I have some personal goals.. hoping to get twice that number in
stamps released this year.. and I think if I can keep on doing what I love best it might happen.
Faith.. I have a lot of it. haha.  Patience not so much.. haha
So you can go to My Stamp Design Page and check out all my stamp releases.. I am
still in the process of adding more of the older ones.. but most of them are there.
Even the current ones that have just released.
If you would like some of these stamps please check out the
they always have wonderful promotions every Thursday that last thru the weekend.
so check often to see if they are on sale.
Unity also have 3 different KIT clubs..
each of them with original artwork for all the Unity Artista's.
thanks for staying with me..  I can talk just a bit....
have a wonderful day


Theresa said...

You are an awesome artista Angie, and I couldn't be more proud of you! It's so exciting to see you garner the success that you have worked so hard for! Love, hugs, and prayers for many more blessings for you and your lovely family!

Gwen said...

Just saw your AngieGirls sneak peek on the Unity website & literally gasped out loud!!! So happy for you & can't wait for their release!