Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project Blom ...

Yeah.. I made it.. just remembering is half the battle..  So last week the kids are still in school, Sydney is having alot of School play day's and Alex is at Exams.. soon Summer Vacation will be here.

Project Blom June 20- 26th.

I am sure this will be the everyday.. dirty, grassy sock left everywhere for me to pick up.. I can't wait when socks will be the last thing she wants to put on.  

 Today I actually got into the pool.. TWICE... it was warm and so refreshing..

 Haha.. Sydney kills me.. this is her fashion statement.. 2 different shoes.. why do we buy pairs??

 School Trip to Fun Zone... these kids are just too cute.. but most of the time they were asking us for money to play the games..  Last school trip for SK.

  OH YES!! homemade iced coffee.. yummy yummy yummy.. and the best thing, it doesn't upset my tummy!!

 We also made some scones.. milk chocolate chip.. delicious!! I think the majority of the day I was cooking!!

 Doing a summer art project .. Creatively Inspired.. gonna love this!!
I do have one or two more photo's I just need to get them off my son and hubby's phone.. I have to remember to take the camera everywhere I go.

See you all next week for another week of  Project Life..
 if you want to see more check out the link below.



Amanda O'Banion said...

Oh my girl! Your post did two things to me: 1. Make me wish I had a pool and 2.Make me hungry for those cookies! Good job!

Our Life on a Marquee

Amanda O'Banion said...

Oh and by the way! I LOVE your blog and I am your newest follower!

Our Life on a Marquee

Veronica said...

The scones look DELICIOUS!!!!

dawn said...

Great job again this week Angie. So glad your keeping up with it. I love the photos and know I want cookies too. Our pool is still so cold so we just put a solar cover on it tonight to see if that will help it along. If it stays this cold I will not be swimming this summer. What kind of class are you taking for that art picture??? I love it by the way and hope you show more about it. I like your daughter's shoes, my girls like to wear mismatched socks.

farmhouse-story said...

love the pics, angie:) iced coffee and cookies-yum! love sydneys shoe statment--my niece wears 2 different flipflops! your project--looking good:)

Emily Leiphart said...

I love your summer photos, Angie! Those chocolate chip scones look amazing. How funny about the mismatched shoes!