Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Life Week 1 of 2013

Hello, welcome to my Project Life 2013
I am hoping to have lots of fun with this project this year
I am doing it differently this year.. Using just an
8.5 x 11 binder, 4 inch D-ring that I purchased from Staples.
The binder comes with a clear pocket on the front.. this is where
I added a piece of white cardstock and my from cover design.
I also did the side of my binder. 
The sheet protectors are a heavy duty page protector by Avery that I get in the
office supply section at Walmart. the monthly inserts I am using are
Martha Stewart .. These I cut to only have half the size, the top will have
the month ( Simple Stories Sn@p)  and the bottom will have a Family Photo of
the 4 of us.. every month I will try to repeat this.. to see how we all change during the month.
I was also going to do some of  My Artwork throughout this years album.
I want it to do a monthly banner to start the month off ... I think it will also be
awesome to get some of my stamp designs on these pages.. 
 On the inside of this I have a collage of the last 2 weeks of December.. these I am using an app
on my ipad called PhotoShake.. this is also how I will keep track of my weeks so I never get confused
about the photo's. Cause reality is I will get behind at some point.. I know myself.. haha
So here is Week 1...DONE!!!!!  
These are both done on 8.5x11 white 110 lb cardstock that I get from Staples.
You get a package of 250 sheet for less than $20.00 ... I think I have enough.
Some of these elements are from the class I am taking called Day by Day
Studio Calico was offering it last year ( the class in now closed) . I got some
wonderful print outs, cut files and lots of inspiration from many designers, oh
and a free stamp which I am hoping to have by the end of the week.
Then I also made some small cards and other elements myself. 
Every week I will have a pocket ( these are from Simple Stories Sn@p)  I will also
make my own.. these pockets will hold all my journaling that I am actually
typing everyday.. I am going to love my typewriter!! 
It will also hold my collage photo from the week
I really love this alot..
I will also add some quotes once in a while if I see something that
speaks to me.. this one I saw in the Project Lifers  group on facebook.
It was one someone found on Pinterest.  
So I am keeping it simple this year.. my photos are all Instagram style
so they will be squares instead of 4x6 .. much easier to use
and I can print 4 at a time on one sheet of photo paper ( satin finish Staples brand) ..
which is GREAT!!! 
  Hope you are all having a great week and hope to keep up weekly with this.
I already have my next week ready for photo's.. that will be the great thing about this
Project Life.. I can set up pages ahead of time, then just add the photo's .
I also have a Freebie for Project Life here.
I will try to have a freebie every couple of months.
Thanks for coming by.


Sherri Everett Thompson said...

WOW-very detailed and you are so organized! I love the typed journaling-i need to find a typewriter, because I love the look!

Unknown said...

LOVE how you are doing this. I think I will try to do it once a month...every week is too much for me right now. You definitely inspire me all the time.

Maria - Artsy Oils said...

Wonderful Angie! I love it! And thanks for the freebie, so nice of you!!

dawn said...

HI Angie!!!

I LOVE LOVE this soooo much!! The white space, the POCKETS, the collages and your organziation of it. TOTALLY ROCKS and will be so cool to see thru this year. I wish to be in that class, all these goodies look so fun.

That's great your already started and have a page set up and ready for you. YOU CAN DO IT ANGIE!!

Thanks so much for the freebies, look forward to adding them into my PL.

I must get to Staples, thanks for the info on all these products.

My blogger still won't let me load pictures yet, if not working later will email you my PL pages, CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!

Did I mention that YOU ROCK!!

Barbara MacAskill said...

Have you chosen your winner for the Season of Giving blog hop yet?
I keep checking but may have missed it.