Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sketch Art Tuesday..

Tuesday... and today I am under the weather.. stuffed up but will post you something I found on Pinterest yesterday.. I tried it and just love what I did!!
I have always been  a fan of how you can draw someone's eyes. they make it look so real. But ,I for one could never make a real eye.. it is way too difficult in my opinion.. So when I came across this photo tutorial on Pinterest.. well I just had to try it.. and yes, it works!! just follow the photo directions..

 here is the sketch I did..

 here is the photo tutorial I found..
my thanks to duitang.com for
giving such wonderful directions.

you can enlarge the photo or just head on over to pinterest .. the link is above. and give it a try!!

Now being sick.. my hubby went out this morning and got some meds from the store.. and in the bag
was also this cake.. a-dora-ble!! I think he loves me!!

Hope you all have a great day, stay healthy.. I am hoping this goes away by Thursday!!
wish me luck!!


dawn said...

Hi Angie, sorry your not feeling well. It's always a bummer when we get sick. How sweet your hubby is, that cake looks to pretty to eat, lol

I've always wanted to draw faces/eyes and all that to but just don't have it in me. Your sketch came out wonderful though. Thanks for the link to this and I will give it a try.

Feel better soon and Thursday is my daughter's birthday so that's a great day to not be sick.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

WOOOOOOOOOOW! I love your sketch of the eye---it looks so real! Like it's looking right at me! AMAZING:)

And that cake--YUMMY! I bet that made you feel better ASAP:) Sorry you are sick! We must have gotten sick at the same time--hugs and feel better soon:) <3

Lisa Arana said...

Oooh, that is a great tutorial. Eyes are sooooo hard. Hope the cake makes you feel better. That is one winner of a hubby. Hugs.